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Want less stress and more profit?


Business doesn't have to be frustrating

You feel stressed out, tired, and overworked. You're working hard, but not making progress. What's the secret to how others grow commercial roofing businesses to $1,000,000+ businesses? Without repeatable systems, you will be unable to improve, delegate, and grow. McDonalds doesn't make the best hamburger, but they do have solid repeatable systems.

Just imagine how your life would and business would change if you had a framework that helped you grow, and a coach that guided you through the practical hands on skills that you'll need.

Download my success framework instantly for FREE

You too can experience success in freedom through owning your own business. I've developed a Success Framework that lays out in detail how I attained my success. I'm giving it away for FREE because I want you to be free to live the life you want to live!

In the eBook, you'll learn:

Teaching Principles for hiring and training employees

Principles for hiring and training employees

  • How to hire dedicated workers
  • What kind of training to invest in
  • Employees vs. temporary hires
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How to develop a business plan

  • Develop your short and long-term goals
  • Plan for a career, not a 'get rich quick' scheme
  • Prioritize integrity and values
Man doing construction work

How to navigate commercial work requirements

  • Compliance with state and city licenses
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Insurance and liability
The art of estimates and quotes

The art of estimates and quotes

  • Benefits of performing physical roof inspections
  • How to give a professional quote
  • How to evaluate costs and use clauses effectively
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Building relationships in business

  • The value of putting the client first
  • How to understand your client's need
  • The benefit of being flexible
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How to maximize your budget

  • Tips for finding equipment
  • Finding affordable marketing
  • How to make your budget work for you

You too can experience the success and freedom that I have found.


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